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Needle Craft Center – Munawar Begum

“Though I am much older now, but I still like to come to TSA and take the work for those young women who live in my village community so that they can earn for their living with human dignity.

Thank you, TSA and all our benefactors who have supported the poor women in Pakistan.”

Munawar Begum is 78 years old in 2012. In 1958 she got training of hand knitted cardigans and waistcoats skills from Technical Services Association (TSA) in Lahore. Till now she has trained more than one hundred young girls of her village community. She is a supervisor of her vocational training group.

Narrating her story she said, “I was only 30 years old when my husband died, but thanks to the skills I had learnt at TSA I was able to overcome the great challenge after my husband’s death. I gave good education to my daughter and later on arranged dowry for her wedding through my earning from TSA. This institution has supported me to overcome the difficulties and hurdles in my life and that is how I could help to pay the expenses of my three brothers’ weddings and never took loan from any one in my life. TSA also arranges a regularly check up for my eyesight and provided me a pair of optical glasses free of cost. When I get sick, TSA also provides free medical services.

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