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TSA Special Education School – Amir Alam

19 years ago a baby boy was born to the family of Mr. Alam, joy was mixed up with sadness as the parents of Amir Alam realized in tears their newborn baby, the youngest son had no arms and no hands! Nevertheless, they loved him dearly, welcomed him with open hearts,s and wished all the best for his future.

Later Amir’s mother was happy to see that her baby son making successful efforts and was able to hold his bottle of milk with his feet. What a tremendous potential and strong will this child had in himself… Unfortunately at the age of 3 years old, Amir lost his father due to illness! Being a widow, his mother worked very hard as a janitor to feed her 7 children. She made a lot of sacrifices to send them to school, but her youngest son, Amir often got the teasing and discriminated from his friends at a public school. Therefore in 2003 when Amir was 12 years old, his mother transferred him to TSA Special Education School in Lahore for students with disabilities. From that time on, Amir has been very happy and blossomed into the full development of his talents.

Behind Amir Alam’s success is the tremendous work with loving care for him from his beloved Mother and family, and especially from Amir’s teachers and staff members of TSA Special Education School. May Amir Alam and other students with disabilities continue receiving necessary support and encouragement from people with good hearts so that they can live a good life full of creativity, peace, and joy with human dignity.

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